Jane the virgin on CW

Introducing you to the new CW funny and surprising TV show, Jane the virgin! I have to admit that I was not convinced by the title, as I thought it would be one of the many high-school drama show; it isn’t. Drama ? yes of course! Inspired by a tele-novelas, all hispanic-lovers would be thrilled […]

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Awkward Season 4, Episode 13

*Spoiler alert* Happy New Yeaaaaar! Waiit what? We re in October right ?Oh well I guess we’re a little early this year… So the episode 12 started with the best drama eveeer, the Eva drama when Matty realized she was NOT pregnant and decided not to marry her (thank god). THE best episode of the […]

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New Girl Season 4, Episode 1

*Spoiler alert* Good news! New Girl is baaaaack! After breaking up last season, Nick and Jess come back after spending the summer apart (well, they are still living together, ok…). After having had wedding “relationships” all summer Schmidt decides it is time for Jess and Nick to date again (not each other)! Everybody goes to […]

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 11, Episode 1

*Spoiler alert* Guys,  let me say what everybody thinks, the show is not the same without Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). This first episode clearly lacked some of Cristina’s humour. I mean what is grey’s anatomy without a little bitchy Cristina/Meredith sarcasm ? Anyway, we discovered in this first episode Meredith’s half sister, Maggie, who also turns […]

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